Hotel Stay in Vegas Cheaper than in Delhi

Frequent travellers will attest to the painful fact that the rupee does not go far outside India.  This rule, however, does not hold true when it comes to booking a hotel room.
For Rs6,000 a night, you can enjoy the comforts of a four-star hotel room at popular tourist destinations like Las Vegas, Guangzhou and Bangkok, but in Mumbai and Delhi it will get you nothing more than three-star accommodation.  While Hotel ratings are not standardized, there is a marked difference in a four star accommodation at say on the Vegas strip and a three star one in Mumabi.
Street-smart travelers, for instance, can check themselves into a Vegas four-star complete with celebrity chef restaurants, pools spas and the best of entertainment options for less than Rs 5,000 a night. Most tourists will have to break the bank to enjoy a similar experience in  Mumbai.
A recent survey of 1.42 lakh properties in more than 19,800 global locations tracking room rates paid by customers of a portal, which deals with hotel bookings, shed light on one of the key expenses in tourism.
The survey compared hotel prices in major destinations in the second half of 2011 and the corresponding period the previous year. “Among the major cities, room rates in Delhi rose by 9% to Rs5,914. Prices in Mumbai went up by 3% to Rs6,539,” said the survey released by
The most expensive hotel rooms were in Kerala even though accommodation rated dropped by 9%. Tourists in god’s own country shell out an average of Rs7,381 per night for a room.  Kolkata, which was the second-most expensive destination in 2010, slipped to fourth place after registering the biggest fall in room rates, down 20% to Rs5,136.
Room rates in Goa, the world,s favourite tourist destination, increased by 12%, but with an average price of 4,224, it,s still a less expensive option when comared to Kerala, Mumbai or Delhi.
The survey concluded that hotels in India enjoyed a modest average rise of 2% in room rates in the second half of 2011 as compared to the corresponding period in 2010.
Most desi tourists traveling within India spend around 4,226 per night on a room, around  2,500 less than what we spend when traveling abroad. According to the survey, Indians parted with an average of  6,789 per night on hotel accommodation abroad. But room rates fell in some foreign countries.
“It is a good time for Indian travellers to venture out to countries such as Germany, South Africa, Canada and Japan given the significant fall in hotel room rates in these markets.” 

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